Courbon Software design innovating software suitable to all manufacturing processes. Our Software solutions are developed according to the requirements of each sector of activity.

Dedicated solutions are present on sectors such as:

  • Life Science,
  • Food,
  • Specialty Chemicals,
  • Manufacturing

Suite Pharmacim L.S.M.

Pharmacim L.S.M. meets regulatory requirements of serialization and aggregation. This solution contributes to a full traceability and to the fight against counterfeiting and parallel markets. The solution includes : the Management of Work orders and batches, the management of serial numbers, the printing of 2D codes, the control of prints and the piloting of line equipments. More information

Suite Pharmacim M.E.S.

Pharmacim M.E.S. measures, collects and pilots the informations to optimize production, packaging and storage resources. Combine modules to suit the MES solution to your needs: Production control and traceability, Weighing power unit, Performance monitoring, Quality management, Electronic batch file. More information

Suite Pharmacim S.C.T.

Suite Pharmacim S.C.T.

Pharmacim S.C.T meets the needs of the follow-up supply chain unit contributing to the fight against counterfeiting and parallel markets. This suite offers you : the generation of serial numbers, the management of product authentication, the follow-up of the supplying steps to the pharmacies and the exchanges with the principals and the authorities. More information