Pharmacim CiiDOC Configuration

Pharmacim CiiDOC is a simple and secure solution of dematerialization of documents.

With CiiDOC, you have the possibility to computerize your batch files, ranges, operating procédures via intuitive configuration. Prepare intelligent documents to allow your operators to have the right information and to inform the continuous-flow system.

CiiDOC details the manufacturing process to ensure it is efficient, successful, and compliant.

Those involved in the process have accurate instruction on things like maintenance, product components preparation, and quantities, among other things.

Batch Manufacturing Records enable manufacturers to manage the different production methods required for each kind of product. Dietary supplements and tablets follow a different process and have different requirements from an injectable drug, for example.

Because of these variations in the manufacturing process, it’s important to understand the key components that go into making the perfect BMR.

Information request


For the configuration, Pharmacim CiiDOC lets you :

  • handle security / users rights
  • configure products, units of measure
  • configure documents (possibly from your existing Word documents) by adding beacons of seizures :
    • visa
    • alphanumeric
    • numeric
    • enumeration
    • date
    • signature
    • quality
    • picture
  • define a Workflow of validating documents

All the actions are drawn and available for consultation in Audit-trail.

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