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Courbon Software eXchange Infrastructure Tool

In the current context of Smart Industry, modularity and exchange, more than ever before, are central to improve industrial performance.

The vision of COURBON Software is translated by providing a exchanges infrastructure on which are connected several modules and software suites.

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Innovative and open architecture

The CSO Xi platform is based on proven and innovative technologies (C # .NET, …)  to propose a standard protocol. It is open in order to be able to connect to specific modules or external applications.


Masterdata for all modules

In addition to the exchange infrastructure, the platform also integrates master data that can be used by all modules via a data publishing and synchronization process.

You want to update product data: you only need to update MasterData via the graphical user interface or the exchange messaging system, and CSO Xi distributes information to all the modules that need it.


The power of an ESB and a Workflow

Depending on your needs, CSO Xi can be supplemented with the functionality of a real Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), enabling it to orchestrate exchanges with all of your external applications through a powerful Wokflow.



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