Life Science

The Pharmacim offer of Courbon Software brings a series of software suites to optimize manufacturing processes in the life sciences sector: Pharmaceutical industry, Biotechnology, Cosmetics …

In addition to the multi-sector functionalities (performance optimization, energy efficiency, etc.), this offer takes into account specific expectations in terms of production traceability, unique product identification (serialization & agregation) and dematerialization of procedures. In fact, our various modules operate on strategic points such as: quality, batch process control, weighing center, traceability, production monitoring, flow management. All these elements contribute to the constitution of the batch file and consequently enable a quicker batch release …

All elements of our Pharmacim offer meet the regulations (data integrity – 21CFR-Part11) and best practices (GAMP)

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Suite Pharmacim M.E.S. Life Sciences

The Pharmacim MES software suite allows you to increase the performance and quality of your production. With Pharmacim MES, you measure, collect and manage information to optimize your production mean. Combine modules to adapt the MES suite to your needs: Production control and traceability, Performance monitoring, Quality management, Material inventory management ... More information

Suite Pharmacim L.S.M. Life Sciences


Pharmacim L.S.M. meets regulatory requirements of serialization and aggregation. This solution contributes to a full traceability and to the fight against counterfeiting and parallel markets. The solution includes : the Management of Work orders and batches, the management of serial numbers, the printing of 2D codes, the control of prints and the piloting of line equipments. More information

Suite Pharmacim S.C.T. Life Science

Suite Pharmacim S.C.T.

Pharmacim S.C.T meets the needs of the follow-up supply chain unit contributing to the fight against counterfeiting and parallel markets. This suite offers you : the generation of serial numbers, the management of product authentication, the follow-up of the supplying steps to the pharmacies and the exchanges with the principals and the authorities. More information

Suite Pharmacim CiiDOC Life Sciences


Pharmacim CiiDOC is a user friendly and secured paper-on-glass software (dematerialization of production records). For each production, your operators have the right information and can inform the system in an intuitive, controlled and secured way. More information