Ecran Producim MES Prodose

MES Prodose

Prodose: the batch process tool

Prodose is specially designed for batch processes management on speciality chemicals and building construction industries, when different formulas are used on multiline installations.
You manage your formulas, your recipes and your procedures thanks to this module which combines innovation, flexibility and power. Real-time process tracking ensures detailed traceability of production.

User-friendly and effective :

    • you manage your formulas and recipes directly with a graphic editor
    • you plan production and oversee your raw material needs
    • you follow the production in real time and stay informed of the alarms or eventual events
    • you benefit from an exhaustive traceability of each finished product on each stage of production
    • you generate detailed reports and archiving

From 13 500 €

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Batch Recipe Management, Execution, and Tracking

Prodose execute in a workstation or a server and interact with the control system running phase logic or regulatory control manipulating field devices.

The five functions listed below are some examples of benefits:

  1. Managing batch recipes
  2. Managing production of batches as per schedule
  3. Executing top-level recipe functions
  4. Collecting batch production data
  5. Tracking batch execution

Managing recipes includes functions that create, store, and maintain general, site, and master recipes. Execution and tracking of batches are carried out by the process cell management function, which creates control recipes from master recipes and initiate batches based on the scheduling information and operator inputs.



Dedicated to construction units



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