Traceability of medicines

The traceability of drugs is an important health issue in the world. What is traceability? What are the challenges of traceability? What are the means used to trace drugs? Definition of traceability There are several definitions of traceability. The first that of the ISO 9000 standard gives the following definition:…Read more

Industry 4.0: the industry of the future

French companies realized that it was essential to restore their long-term performance to make face the strong European and international business competition, There is no alternative but to impose itself in the new digital and innovative world to achieve this. The history of the industry Industry history began when the…Read more


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Towards SAAS mode, Software As A Service

Courbon Software publishes two solutions, one dedicated to the agri-food, chemical and manufacturing industries Producim,
The other for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology and cosmetics industry Pharmacim.

We now propose a PREMIUM SAAS offer, in addition to our usual ON PREMISE offer.


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