Traceability & Control

Working in food industry for more than 30 years, our knowledge of the requirements of this industry guarantees you concrete solutions suitable for your specific challenge in terms of production information system.

We strengthen your technical teams to take into account your particular constraints: cost and time to market, scalability and flexibility, robustness and productivity, sustainability and maintainability.

Our solutions covers :

  • Production management
  • Batch control
  • Total Traceability
  • Flow and inventory management
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Suite Producim CiiDOC Food


Producim CiiDOC is a user friendly and secured paper-on-glass software (dematerialization of production records). For each production, your operators have the right information and can inform the system in an intuitive, controlled and secured way. More information

Suite Producim L.S.M. Food


Producim L.S.M. meets regulatory requirements of serialization and aggregation. This solution contributes to a full traceability and to the fight against counterfeiting and parallel markets. The solution includes : the Management of Work orders and batches, the management of serial numbers, the printing of 2D codes, the control of prints and the piloting of line equipments. More information

Suite Producim M.E.S. Food

Producim MES software suite enables you to increase performance and quality of your workshop. Using Producim MES, you measure, collect, manage information to optimize your production tool. Combine modules to suit the MES solution to your needs: Production control and traceability, Performance monitoring, Quality Control, Materials Inventory management ... More information

Suite Producim S.C.T. Food

Suite Pharmacim S.C.T.

Producim S.C.T meets the needs of the follow-up supply chain unit contributing to the fight against counterfeiting and parallel markets. This suite offers you : the generation of serial numbers, the management of product authentication, the follow-up of the supplying steps to the end consumer, the exchanges meeting to the standards GS1 EPCIS and the redirection to the commercial Web sites. More information