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Energy Management tool

It allows you to monitor and optimize your energy consumption with the objective to improve industrial competitiveness.

With CiiNERGY, reduce your consumption, optimize your energy purchases …

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Acquire all your relevant data

CiiNERGY is built on an opening principle that allows the acquisition of multi-energy data (electricity, gas, water …), environmental data (temperature, humidity …), as well as production data. This acquisition is done via various architectures: counters and communicating sensors, concentrator PLC, supervisor …

Visualize your data in real time

Its features of Synoptics and Curves allow you to configure your own consultation screens in real time through predefined indicators and to easily consult your data through these synoptics and curves. These restitutions are supplemented by an intelligent alarm management function that will allow you to control your consumption as much as possible.

Analyze your consumption in the long term

To exploit this complex data, the CiiNERGY suite gives you access to a powerful Data Analytics tool that integrates standardized indicators and allows you to customize your analyzes and make projections …



Suite Pharmacim CiiNERGY
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