Pharmacim CiiDOC Execution

Pharmacim CiiDOC is a simple and secure solution of dematerialization of documents.

With CiiDOC, you have the possibility to computerize your batch files, ranges, operating procedures;

For each production, your operators have the right information and can progressively inform the system by intuition, controlled and secured. By the end of manufacturing, the file of manufacturing is available, easy to consult …

Pharmacim CiiDOC is a software suite applied to life sciences, complying with GAMP, 21CFR-Part11 requirements.

CiiDOC details the manufacturing process to ensure it is efficient, successful, and compliant.

Information request


Producim Ciidoc provides the operator with functions of:

  • WO Launchin
  • Checked data input with different tags
    • visa
    • alphanumeric
    • numeric
    • enumeration
    • date
    • signature
    • quality
    • picture
  • Collaborative work

These secure data can be considered as part of the documentation review, updates … by the managers, head of production and quality …

In addition to the established manufacturing file, all the infiormation are available to do cross analyses through the Data Analytics module.

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