Suite Producim CiiDOC Manufacturing

Producim CiiDOC Suite is dedicated to document dematerialization and driving assistance.

Suite Producim CiiDOC is a simple and secure solution for the dematerialization of manufacturing files in the manufacturing industry.
With CiiDOC, you have the possibility to computerize your ranges, your operating modes. For each production, your operators have the right information and can inform the system in an intuitive, controlled and secure way.

The functionalities of the software :

  • Validation workflow
  • OF Management
  • Controlled data entry
  • Collaborative work
  • Secure data storage
  • Review of manufacturing file

In addition to the manufacturing file, all the information is then available for cross-analysis through the Data Analytics module.

Courbon Software, expert in software publishing for industry, offers you a practical solution for the dematerialization of your manufacturing documents for the manufacturing industry.

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