Producim – MES Alarm

The Alarm module simplifies the management of your alarms on your industrial site.

It brings you:     

  • centralized management and alarm monitoring
  • a reduction of the risk of production stops     
  • an improvement of the industrial performance   
  • an improvement of the reliability of the installation

Starting from 5 000 €

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View and interact on your entire production tool

The Alarm module allows you to centralize all alarms.

On its real-time updated alarm log, the user has all the necessary information to:     

  • sort the alarms (by date, severity, name, description)     
  • signal that the alarm has been taken into account
  • acknowledge the alarm to the transmitter.


In order to ensure a complete traceability, all events are logged in and can be retrieved.


In addition, you can use the Data Analytics module which will allow you to make a complete analysis of your data.



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