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MES Quality Control Tool

Execute InLine Quality Control

The M.E.S. Quality Control module provides a great deal of flexibility in the management of quality processes thanks to a powerful parameterization. The module provides continuous product control to improve the quality and reliability of production.

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Control procedures

The module allows users to define, by simple configuration, all the quality controls to be performed. The latter will form automatically triggered procedures according to configurable frequencies: every 1000 packaged units, every 20 minutes … but also at the simple request of an operator. A control procedure is built by “assembling” several elementary controls.


Quality management

Throughout the controls, the operators are guided by a user-friendly and easy-to-use interface, the system progresses the defined procedures step by step.

In real time, users have statistical data; the result of their inspections (SPC) thus enabling them to release batches produced much more quickly and thus to reduce time-to-market by ensuring a quality compliant with the specifications.


Full traceability

Each piece of information is linked to a sample individual that can be representative of a lot / sublot and is traced in a database. If there is a problem, the system automatically generates nonconformity sheets. In addition to the Traceability module, it is a response to the requirements of European regulations …


Analysis tool

The Quality Control module integrates synthetic restitutions and an SPC control card.

In addition, the Data Analytics module provides analysis and reporting tools enabling the user to use all the data.

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