Pharmacim – MES Traceability

Product genealogy, Process traceability, Flows traceability

All the real-time data collected by the product guarantees a fine and precise traceability of the life of the product. The module settings makes it a tool adapting itself to all production methods and materials and components consumption : discreet, continuous, semi-continuous process, direct, shared consumption …

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Manipulated data

  • Batches
  • Traceability units (TU)
  • Handling units (HU)


The module allows the declaration of use of a TU used to manufacture a product WO in three ways : consumption of TU, HU or with bulk components or materials.
To minimize the operators inputs, PRODUCIM ® authorizes four other reporting modes of the consumptions: express, on shared stock, bulk, continuous flow. A process distributes the consumptions over a day at user request.

Process traceability

The user can track all parameters as he wishes. For this, he is going to enrich a parameters library. From this library, Pharmacim M.E.S Traceability allows to target up to three entities on which the user wishes to assure this traceability

  • The product, to track data which are bound to one TU independently of the manufacturing stage,
  • The range phase (or the WO operation), to track data which are bound to the manufacturing stage,
  • The storage machine resource to track, automatically, all types of data.

Flows traceability

The module tracks all Inherent actions to a TU, this is called “Flows traceability”. All physical or logical handling of a TU will be outlined as a movment or transaction. Such transactions are controled by an engine of customizable management rules.

Restitution and reporting

Pharmacim M.E.S Traceability has a powerful set of screens of navigation allowing the users to reach easily the sought information.

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