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CiiDOC, digitizing and accelerating record verifications and batch release

Record validations are very time-consuming for the Quality teams at the end of the batch, Courbon Software has created CiiDOC, a user-friendly solution allowing to take a step toward digitizing the batch file.

CiiDOC transforms the batch paper record into a smart document in which the different operators fill in the information to be recorded in total security.

The information filled in is immediately verified. It is possible to fill in numerical information, checkboxes, comments, and text and integrate a photo directly into the document or acquire a measurement directly on an instrument.

People in charge of the verifications can easily identify the non-conforming or missing information to correct the situation.

All operations and information are tracked and stored in a database which can then be exploited for analysis purposes.

CiiDOC can be implemented very quickly in any type of laboratory and can be applied to any type of document.

With CiiDOC, your application will be compliant with FDA 21 CFR PART 11.