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Free webinar on pharmaceutical digitization | Tuesday, April 27

Pharmaceutical manufacturers, how to digitize your production operations and generate electronic batch records without disrupting your current processes?

To ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, pharmaceutical manufacturers must document manual and automated procedures throughout the production process. Still very often documented on paper-based documents, their use is a source of errors, oversights and generates very long validation times that can delay batch release.

By digitizing these production documents, it is possible to significantly reduce these risks while enjoying many advantages in terms of data storage, retrieval and integrity. With electronic batch records,you’ll be one step closer to Industry 4.0 and gain productivity and safety to serve patients

We propose to decipher in particular the Paper On Glass methods, how to optimize them and what realities for your current processes.

Tuesday, April 27 – 11:00 a.m. to 12:00 p.m.

– What is paper on glass (PoG) and how to introduce it without disrupting your processes?
– How to get away from paper-based production systems?
– How to improve the quality of your batches and reduce the risk of deviations?

1 hour

Bernard DURAND | Sales Engineer

To participate for free, register here:

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