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inauguration of the new premises

This Friday was the inauguration of the 70, a building of more than 4,000 m² located at 70, rue de la Montat in Saint-Etienne in presence of Vincent BOUFFARD (Deputy General Manager of Vinci Energies France), Jean GALANGAU (General Manager of the Industry Center-East-Mediterranean Department) and Gaël PERDRIAU (Mayor of Saint-Etienne). This is a building that has been a  France Telecom  building then the headquarters of Casino Restauration, and that was empty since 2013. The rehabilitation and extension work represented an investment of about 2 million euros.

Since July 2017, two “historic” Saint-Etienne based companies have been installed: Courbon SAS and Sofraden Industrie, both acquired by the Vinci Energies group in 2012.

Courbon, created 83 years ago, has 209 employees, including 150 in Saint-Etienne.

If the specialty of Courbon is the integration of automated and computerized systems on the production lines, it is a particularity to host a MES software editor activity (manufacturing execution system): COURBON software.

It is with pleasure that we welcome you to these new premises.