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What is SAAS software for industry?

Innovation and digital transformation have boosted production in the industrial sector. As a result, SAAS software has many advantages, such as lower maintenance and licensing costs. This is a true industrial revolution in the computer software industry.

SAAS software

Software as a Service (SaaS) is a software business model in which the software is installed on a remote server rather than on the user’s computer. Customers do not need to pay for user licenses for this version, but they can use the service online by subscribing.

SAAS software should not be confused with an ASP (Application Service Provider) solution, which is a hosted application provider.
In the case of the ASP, the company uses a software accessible remotely. It is accessed via the Internet or another network by paying an access and usage fee.

Concerning licensed software and software in SaaS mode: for the former, it is necessary to install and run the software on a computer or the company’s server, unlike software in SaaS mode where everything is managed remotely.

The SaaS business model involves monthly or annual subscriptions, which usually require renewal.
This model has generated a lot of interest in the industry.

The benefits of SAAS software for industry

The digital transformation of companies affects many sectors such as industry.
Software as a service (SaaS) for industry is a major example of innovation.
Among the benefits of this solution, we note:

  • Digital transformation and innovation
  • Service outsourcing: the solution is hosted outside the company’s premises
  • Flexibility: particularly the possibility of customizing and adjusting the subscription according to the users
  • Time and money saving, especially since the solution provider takes care of the maintenance
  • The reduction of deployment time thanks to the Internet connection

SaaS software for industry from Courbon Software

PREMIUM SaaS software

This SaaS software takes into consideration the industrial constraints of the customers. In the industry, there are many challenges. These include: availability, reliability, security and the evolution of the solution without constraints.
Courbon Software’s vocation is to design innovative software solutions for clients in the industrial sector, enabling them to support and even accelerate their digital transformation of their processes.
To provide SaaS software for industry, Courbon Software relies on Axians, an expert in ICT (Information and communication technology) solutions, which, like our company, belongs to the Vinci Energie group. Indeed, Axians accompanies the digital transformation of its customers by being present in the whole of their information systems: from the design, the exploitation and the setting in production, and the hosting of their solutions.
The premium SaaS software, of high quality, allows to answer the stakes of the industrialists.
This premium SaaS offer is different from the traditional SaaS offer in which companies all use the same application and have version upgrades imposed by editors.
Courbon Software’s offer is premium, tailor-made. Each client has its own version of the application and its own database, with no versioning policy imposed on it and, above all, no need to isolate its own data.

How does Courbon Software respond to the challenges of industry?

Case study of Labeyrie Fine Foods

To meet the MES (Manufacturing Execution System) needs of Labeyrie Fine Foods, Courbon Software proposed its Producim offer. For this, they installed different functionalities such as operations management, quality control, traceability and performance monitoring. At the same time, Axians participated in the digital transformation by managing the availability in terms of performance and application security. The solution proposed by Axians is based on a shared IT infrastructure. It is based on two data centers located in the Lyon region.
The implementation of a SaaS MES offer allows customers to avoid installing and supporting a dedicated IT infrastructure. And the subscription system combined with the scalability and flexibility of SaaS software will allow to realize deployments on the multisites that are concerned by Labeyrie.