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[ Webinar ] : EBR augmented, digitalize your batch file while optimizing your industrial performance

Thursday, July the 8th – 2pm

Today, pharmaceutical companies, principals or processors are faced with the cumbersome process of setting up paper batch records. The documentary process is slowed down and the release of batches is delayed.

Is digitizing this batch record (or EBR Electronic Batch Record) a solution? The work involved is often such that it curbs initiative.

We invite you to share an innovative approach combining business expertise and digitalization based on the following findings:

  1. Excessive complexity of batch records : how to streamline them to just what is needed? Align them with the production process: what traceability data, critical parameters should be included? What is the architecture of the documents? What ergonomics? How should existing data from equipment or information systems be managed?
  2. Late detected input errors : how to capture and control data immediately and thus feed the batch record? How to visualize in real time the process parameters (SPC, OEE) and anticipate possible drifts.
  3. Too much time compiling data on annual reviews that leaves little time for analysis : how to exploit all existing data via our advanced analysis solutions, ensure reporting i.e. APQR and perform process optimization studies and its control strategy?

We look forward to seeing you on Thursday, July 8 at 2:00 pm for a webinar led by experts from AtryonCourbon Software and Optimistik